NICKSON IRL: The story of our first Dallas customer

He opens the door and I am stunned. My apartment is abolutely gorgeous!!

A. Gould

Flash back to two months ago I am at the SMU Housing Fair with my team. We have a both set up in a room filled with other vendors trying to capture students that will be moving from their cramped dorm rooms to spacious apartments. I had a wonderful time talking to all the students and all the different vendors. Everyone was super sweet and very interested in our company which was fantastic.

As I am making my way around the room I come across this booth that had the words "NICKSON" on it. I introduced myself and we got to talking about his company and how they operate, and I kid you not 30 seconds into our conversation my jaw was on the floor. He told me that he will fully furnish a studio apartment for $199 a month! At this point I was already sold considering I would be moving into my apartment in just a couple weeks and I had absolutely no furniture and the price seemed well worth it. But then the more he went into detail the more I realized this is not your ordinary furnishing company. He goes on to tell me that the package he offers for a studio apartment includes a bed (mattress and frame), rugs, lamps, wall art, fully equipped kitchen which includes silverware for four, toaster, coffee maker, pots and pans, etc. Not to leave out my favorite part, the SMART TV! At this point I'm thinking it's way too good to be true, this kid has got to blowing smoke up my behind. He tells me to put my name and number down and he'll reach out and we'll get started with the process.

It's a week before my move in date. I've taken a style quiz online so the artists can get a better idea of what style I'm looking for. I choose modern/homey because c'mon why would you not want to feel at home when you're at home!? DUH. I told him that I absolutely need a pull-out couch for when my sisters come spend the night and he said "not a problem." A couple days go by, he asks me a few questions here and there to figure out what I would prefer.

Now it's the day of my move-in and I can barely focus at work I am sooo excited to see my place and how they've transformed it. And I won't lie, I was a little skeptical, I was just picturing myself walking in and hating it. What would I do?! So I get off work, I drive to my apartment, Cameron meets me at my car and we walk down the hallway to my unit. He opens the door and I am stunned. My apartment is abolutely gorgeous. The accent wall was painted a dusty rose color, the couches were light grey and very modern looking, he had the most gorgeous wall art and decorations I've ever seen. My kitchen was fully stocked just as promised and I even had a Keurig! How cool! My tv was huge and way nicer than I had pictured. My bed had a beautiful head board and nice sheets and was the perfect height. My dressers were a medium brown color and they fit perfect in the space. My lamps by my bed were the really cool lamps that you tap once and they turn on and tap twice and they turn off. I was so excited about those for some reason. Everything was so clean and fresh and brand new and boy could you tell! They completely transformed my place and filled the space so amazingly. I was so happy I decided to go for it and take a chance on them. NICKSON did not disappoint in one single area.

My absolute favorite part of this story is when I was walking out of my apartment later that night with my sisters to go get dinner when my next-door neighbor walks out with his dog. I've never met my neighbor so I was really happy I was able to meet him on night one. We start small talking getting to know each other when I decide to tell him about my apartment and the company I used. I tell him to come in and look at the wonderful job they did and he looks at me with one of the strangest faces I've seen in a while. I thought I definitely upset him by inviting him in. That face is still glued on and I'm panicking thinking how can I save this terribly awkward moment that he must have misunderstood when he opens his mouth and says, "I've...uh.. .well...I've actually already been inside your apartment. Cameron showed me around yesterday. I love your bed." He looks at me expecting me to blow up, I take a look at my sisters and we just start cracking up. I couldn't breathe. I don't even know this guy and he's been in my apartment and saw the whole thing before I ever did. It was a very unexpected and so hilarious, I'll never forget that.

Thank you Nickson for not only turning my apartment into something out of a catalog but for the laughs with my awesome neighbor too!

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